Become A Member Of The CCPA

The Chimayó Cultural Preservation Association (CCPA) is committed to maintaining and expanding the spirit of the Chimayó community.

  • Chimayó's children to learn about their history.
  • We repair and preserve historic buildings.
  • We document traditional agricultural practices and support efforts to maintain a healthy acequia system.
  • We record the memories and life stories of Chimayó elders.
  • We established and maintain the Chimayó Museum where archival photos of Chimayó are on exhibit.

We rely on the generosity of people like you. Won't you become a member and provide us the means to continue our work within the Chimayó community? All contributions are tax-deductible.

Membership includes a subscription to our newsletter and free attendance to all CCPA-sponsored events.

Membership Categories:

Amigo $20
Family $30
Sponsor $50-100
Patron $100-500
Compadre $500-1000
Benefactor $1000 and up

Please send contributions to or contact:

The Chimayó Cultural Preservation Association
P.O. Box 727
Chimayó, NM 87522

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