Los Maestros del Norte is an ongoing program of The Chimayó Cultural Preservation Association, designed to teach children the hands-on skills of New Mexican folk art, an artistic heritage that has been passed down for many generations. Subjects taught include tinwork, straw appliqué, wood carving, weaving, micaceous pottery, colcha embroidery and painting on wood and hide. The program is available once a month for students ages nine to seventeen. Participants pledge to stay in school, resist drugs and be respectful and well-mannered during all activities.


The CCPA recognizes that the Chimayó community is full of individuals who deserve recognition for being proud and worthy citizens of the community. Each year, Los Tesoros honors one of these residents for their exemplary lives and contributions. Since 2002, CCPA has awarded twenty people who stand out as dignified, hardworking and selfless members of the community who have contributed through their church, volunteer groups, civic organizations and public institutions. The CCPA records their life stories and invites each honoree to a celebration where they are presented with a certificate of appreciation.
Past Tesoros de Chimayó
2002 – David Ortega2003 – Julia Hudson2004 – Anastacio and Fabiola Vigil2005 – Leona Medina Tiede2006 – Elsie Ortega Miranda2007 – Genaro V. Martinez2008 – Florence P. Jaramillo2009 – Edith Trujillo2010 – Ross Martinez
2011 – Ilean Martinez2012 – Flossie Montoya2013 – Father Casimiro Roca2014 – Josephine V. Martinez2015 – Charles Ortiz2016 – Erasmo Martinez2017 – Orlando and Mary Martinez2018 – Martina Martinez2019 – Ascension Martinez2022Wilfred Romero
2023 Sue Ferrington